About Us

Welcome to Enchanted Bakes! We are a boutique home bakery dedicated to creating spectacular one of a kind buttercream celebration cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats. With care, love and our unique Enchanted bakes magic we make the best cakes in Belfast & Holywood

Gordon's pink gin theme birthday cake

Who we are

Enchanted Bakes is a small home bakery based in Holywood/Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Established in 2019 by Louise Dawson, the owner and sole baker within Enchanted Bakes. Louise has had a lifelong passion for baking and having 2 wee boys who are as passionate about eating cakes as she is about making them, there was always plenty of opportunity in recent years to spend a day in the kitchen.

So with heaps of passion, a lifetime of practise, Enchanted Bakes was a project born of a love for creating spectacular, unique and delicious showstopper cakes suited for every occasion & event. 

But why Enchanted Bakes? I hear you say! Well simply because it’s the one bakery in the Belfast/Holywood area that will have as much fun bringing your ideas to life as you will have eating it! And if your still not convinced, we will let the photos of our awe inspiring previous cakey creations do the rest of the talking.

Buttercream cake decorated with custom fairy topper and a floral ring display.

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