CAKES, CAKES, CAKES, it’s the key ingredient that brings the magic to Enchanted Bakes.

Mouth-wateringly moist layers of delicious sponge, separated by sumptuous jams, fruits, ganache’s  and heavenly buttercream.

Whether it is the traditional sponge cake filled with the most amazing seasonal jam and fluffy buttercream or a spectacular rainbow cake showstopper, we can cater to all requests. So if there is a flavour you can’t see or a certain type of cake is proving elusive, get in touch.

Buttercream chocolate drip celebration cake decorated with donuts and a variety of chocolates.

All cakes that leave the Enchanted Bakes, Bakery door, include a personalised message of your choosing, the perfect way to make your cake a wee bit more special.

You also have the option of having a completely unique cake topper, designed in-house just for you at a small additional cost.

See below for sizing, pricing and optional extras!

Price List

Please note all prices are meant as guides and may vary depending on design, decorations, fillings and so on. For an exact price please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


Single Tier Cakes

Cake decorated with real flowers and custom topper.

All single tier cakes come with 4 layers of soft sponge in any flavour you would like (except our Rainbow cakes that come with 6 layers) and your choice of filling. Serving guide is based on triangular slices and may vary.

6″ Single tier cake (serves 10 to 12) ~ start from £40

8″ Single tier cake (serves 20 to 24) ~ start from £55

10″ Single tier cake (serves 30 to 45) ~ start from £70

2 Tier Cakes

Looking for a cake to make people’s jaws drop? Look no further than our 2 tier showstopper cakes. No matter what cake you are looking for, our 2 tier cakes are guaranteed to impress!

8″ Base with 6″ Top tier (serves 30 to 36) ~ start from £95

10″ Base with 8″ Top tier (serves 50 to 70) ~ start from £125

Two tier Baby Shark themed cake decorated in buttercream and handmade sugar accents.

Bigger Cakes!

Wow! Still not big enough? Who ever said bigger isn’t better? We do offer 3, 4 or 5 tier cakes however they are specifically on request, so get in touch here or reach out to us through social media (all links can be found at the bottom of this page).

Toppings and Extras

We offer an endless variety of toppings and decorations for our creative cakes so that we can truly bring your ideas to life, as such this list is by no means exhaustive but instead serves as a general guide to some additional costs.

Chocolate drip ~ £5

Rainbow/Coloured drip ~ £10

Selection of chocolates/sweets ~ £5*

Mini alcohol bottles ~ £5*

Fresh flowers ~ £5*

Character models/Toys ~ £5*

Homemade Meringue Kisses/Meringue pops ~ £10

*prices may vary.


Custom Cake Toppers

How do you make a truly unique bespoke cake even more personal? A custom cake topper is how!

We design and make all our cake toppers in house just for you, so whether it’s a stylishly sleek cake topper to adorn the top of an amazingly creative floral cake or a topper designed around your childs favourite tv or movie character, we can do it all for a small additional cost.

So contact us today and we will start designing!

Allergy Information

For information regarding allergies, check out our FAQ’s or feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


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