Oooooh… Cheesecakes, heavenly creamy fillings, crumbly and rich biscuit bases, stuffed to the brim with your favourite chocolates or fruits in an unending variety of flavours! What’s not to love?

Here at Enchanted Bakes, we offer cheesecakes suited to any occasion & event or simply just to satisfy that sweet tooth.

All our cheesecakes are completely bespoke and can be made in any flavour of your choosing with your favourite biscuit as a base. So feel free to let your imagination run wild.

See below for options & pricing or contact us here to order yours today!

Bitesize & Mini Cheesecakes

Selection of delicious raspberry ruffle, ferrero rocher and crunchie cheesecakes.

Adorably small versions of our delicious full size cheesecakes, whether its a night in the house, a wedding or a corporate event our smaller sized cheesecakes are guaranteed to get your mouth watering!

Bitesize Cheesecakes ~ start from £20 per dozen (min order of 12 with an option of 3 flavours per box)

Mini Cheesecakes ~ start from £20 per box of 6 (min order of 6 with an option 3 flavours per box)

Standard/Half & Half Cheesecakes

Gloriously smooth cream cheese filling, delicious biscuit base and beautifully hand decorated to finish. You simply can’t go wrong with one of our standard cheesecakes! And to top it off, if you just can’t decide between flavours, why not try one of our half & half cheesecakes instead?

Standard cheesecakes ~ start from £20

Half & half cheesecakes ~ start from £25

Stunning half and half cheesecake.

Overload Cheesecakes

Looking to turn that sumptuous cheesecake into an absolute showstopper? Try one of our overload cheesecakes! Overflowing with your choice of toppings, they ooze indulgence and make great unique birthday or celebration cakes and look great with one of our custom cake toppers.

Overload cheesecakes ~ start from £30

Delicious chocolate and caramel drip cheesecake.

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